Dapper Dogs Mobile Grooming is a Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. The owner spent 28 years in the US Army Reserve with multiple combat tours overseas. We believe in respecting peoples time and money, while taking great pride in providing superior service. We also believe in having fun and soaking up all the joy dogs provide. We live in the community of Northlake and enjoy serving the surrounding area. We believe in the happiness and healthy living that regular grooming provides dogs and the added joy they bring to us as owners as a result.

Our 2021 Wags-n-Tails Customized Dog Grooming Van!


Does my dog need to be groomed?

The short answer is YES!

By keeping up with your dog grooming, you are safeguarding the health and happiness of your dog. Falling behind can result in matted fur, bugs, and skin irritations that will result in your dog becoming stressed out and possibly ill. When playing with your dog, pay attention to his or her fur, teeth, ears and nails to determine if it’s time to make an appointment with a groomer.

What if I have a beagle, or a dog with little hair?

Does your dog go outside? Do they have nails, teeth, or ears? Groomers perform lots of different services that keep your pet healthy and happy. From trimming nails to removing junk and matted fur, our experts know just what your furry friend needs to stay healthy.

Can’t I just take them to the vet?

Vet trips can be expensive, which means you might take them less frequently.

More importantly, dog groomers offer dog baths, haircuts, and nail trims in addition to checking your dog for signs of illness, as veterinarians do. A groomer will check the condition of your dog’s coat and skin and will notice any lumps or bumps you may have missed, providing an early detection service that only a professional who regularly cares for your dog can provide.

How exactly does regular grooming make my dog healthier?

We always start out by giving them a thorough, cleansing bath. Clean dogs have less skin issues and when washing thoroughly we identify growths and sores that may not be obvious under the coat.

When we brush your dog’s newly washed fur, we remove dirt, dead hair and dead skin flakes trapped in the coat.

Regularly trimming your dog’s nails reduces the chance of pain and infection from ingrown nails.

Having your dog’s ears cleaned can remove bugs like ear mites.

Brushing those teeth, just like for humans, reduces cavities and decay. Healthier gums and no tooth pain can result in a much, much happier canine!

Will I have different groomers come each time?

No, we will have the same groomer tend to your pup! This way, your pets will become accustomed to the groomer and even become friends. This reduces any stress on the dog, while allowing the groomer an opportunity to become acquainted with the right style for their haircut, and perform those early detection checks on your dog to ensure his health.

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